The New and Improved WGT634U Firmware Project

We are just starting out, please contact the admin of this project if you are interesting in helping with the project.


Netgear provides a nice Wireless Media router which is built with Linux. The WGT634U router lists for only $149, supports SuperG (108 Mbps), and has a USB port that allows connecting a USB Harddrive or USB Flash Memory stick. Their firmware supports many features (and they appear to be still improving it - their latest Beta increases support from 1 USB storage device to 26 devices. But there is always additional features such as QoS, VPN, Advanced filtering/logging, etc. that would improve it.

Current Status

I've downloaded the Netgear provided source, located the two required "toolchains", and have successfully built the zImage make target. Unfortunately, it is not in the ".img" format and is about 1/4 the size of the official firmware image, thus is not usable on the router. In additional, none of the configuration .HTML files are provided. The latest response is that the firmware format is proprietary, the firmware includes some proprietary software that is not included in the source release, and the web page can not be released. I'm still trying to get better answers from them and will update this page when I get another response. Until then, this project is unable to proceed. Logo